This final newsletter for 2020, we dive into some big challenges for economy and ecology (should you come up with brilliant solutions over Christmas, be sure to let us know!), an upbeat view on 2021 and finally a lens for compassion. We will be taking a short break during the Christmas holidays and will be back in your inbox on January 6th. In case of withdrawal symptoms, you can always browse earlier editions in our archive 😀. Enjoy!

💰🌳 Big Business

One of the few upsides to Brexit might be the fact that the United Kingdom will be able to define their own…

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Anxiety is firmly rooted in the most ancient parts of our brain. These prehistoric parts might not always work to your benefit, as modern culture has evolved somewhat from a savannah hiding sabre tooth tigers.

When confronted with abnormal circumstances or crises, our brains are hardwired to go for either a freeze or a flight response. The freeze response is often illustrated by a deer in the headlights; while this kind of catastrophe is less common in human beings, we do have a structural challenge in dealing with sudden change. Called ‘Normalcy Bias’, our brains are having trouble accepting change…

For some counterbalance to all the festivities this month, we give you another set of philosophical nuggets to chew on while sipping a drink near the fireplace. We ponder the relativity of truth and investigate some life balances; focusing on yourself versus others and emptiness versus clutter. Enjoy your snack!

🧹 Empty slate

If you’re the type of person who keeps browser tabs open, sometimes for weeks, you might benefit from closing them as you shut down your computer for the night. The article ‘Close All Your Tabs. …

First of all, welcome to our new subscribers 👋. This week we dive into the evolution of stories, the limitations of electric airplanes, the indivisibility of body and mind and the wonders of the wood wide web. Enjoy!

🗣Telling stories

Our coverage of the phenomenon that your use of language tells a lot about your personality, enticed me to dig a little deeper into this research area. I find it a fascinating topic. A part of the domain focuses on text analysis. That research has revealed there are clear narrative structures in our stories, both fictional and non-fictional.

Most stories appear to…

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When you are providing a service or selling a product, lockdown measures have possibly made demand gone way up or way down. If your demand has gone down, you have a choice to wait for the storm to blow over or to adapt. History has shown adaptation is the best bet.

One of my favourite tools for adapting your products or services is called the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework. It is aimed at moving your focus away from the specifics of your product or service, and towards the ‘job’ your product or service is ‘hired’ to do. Business…

First of all, thank you all for your wonderful, useful feedback and ideas for subjects 🙏. This week we would like to take you on a rollercoaster all the way from big-systems thinking to some lighthearted thoughts on the little characters that adorn much of our day to day communication. Enjoy!

企鵝 E Mo Ji

Contemplating the increasingly important role emoji have in our daily communication, I realised it has taken western society a couple of thousand years to end up where the Chinese have been all along.

Every year the unicode consortium decides on the introduction of new emoji based on input from…

With expanded measures for managing the pandemic in The Netherlands just announced, the amount of time available for reading has just increased. Our tips for speed reading might therefore not be needed at all. On the other hand, our thoughts on using imagination as an escape mechanism and the practical procedure to rescue your concentration work might just be a lifesaver these days. Enjoy!

🚀 Speed reading

Recently, I completed a speed reading course by Jim Kwik. This course teaches not only to read faster but also to acquire knowledge faster. An average reader reaches a speed of 200–250 words per minute. …

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While most people would confirm the world has been changing in an accelerating pace in the past decades, 2020 must hold the crown in terms of radical change so far. This year’s change has been so profound that it has divided entrepreneurs into either a winning and a losing category overnight. If you’re in the online business, teleconferencing tools, work-at-home-setups or delivery, you are probably writing record numbers this year. …

On the very definition of Normal, Viruses and its virtues, Volunteering, The upside of AI and Economic recovery.

⏰ The New Normal

As we are gradually getting accustomed to new ways, Seth Godin reminds us that while we have a deep-seated desire for things to get back to ‘normal’, our whole history is just a series of different ‘normals’ making THE new normal something that just does not exist.

🦠 Our Alien Friends

Just as we have gotten used to the idea we are sharing our bodies with several billion gut bacteria, The Economist provides us with a summary of the essential role viruses have in human evolution.

A guide for the technical-but-not-github-literate among us.

Recently I decided to start backing up my Roam Research database, since I realised that the amount of valuable writing in there warranted some form of backup plan, even though I have great confidence in the technical abilities of its founders.

After some research I selected the solution created by MatthieuBizien (roam-to-git), which provides both local as well as cloud based options. As a bonus this will provide you with a clickable directory of all your Roam notes on your mobile. I went for the cloud based option. …

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